Perfect road handling

Low profile
Low center of gravity
Aerodynamic design
Optimised chassis

Excellent protection

Large opening angle
Tip-proof wing dollies
Automatic locking of
all sailplane parts


Galvanized chassis
Aluminum bottom
aluminium top or
fibreglass top

The Cobra trailer, the ideal alternative to a hanger!

With a Cobra trailer you are always first at the starting line. Going to the airport is a pleasure, because your Cobra trailer consistently holds the road well, whether loaded or unloaded. Sailplane assembly can be carried out with the trailer attached to the towing vehicle. The large opening angle and the handy loading aids make it very easy to load the sailplane parts. Your sailplane is safe from damage while inside the trailer. To go soaring it can be quicker to assemble your glider from a Cobra trailer than manoeuvring it from inside a hangar.


The galvanised ALKO-safety chassis is fitted with an extra-soft-spring-suspension axle, overrunning brake, parking brake, and automatic reverse gear, and extra large, stable, soft support wheel in front and high quality tires.


The sides consist of one-piece double-walled, white powder-coated aluminium extrusion, with internal ribs and of a very solid alloy. This allows us to optimise the strength of the sides while guaranteeing the lowest possible weight. The one-piece aluminium sandwich floor is inserted into the two lower integral channels, bolted and riveted, providing an especially stiff and torsion-resistant construction. The strong side walls contain an integral guide for the wing dollies as well as a slot for the tubular rubber seal between the trailer top and the bottom. Solid tailskids protect under the rear end of the trailer from damage while towing. The tailgate is protected against scratching by a plastic top strip.


Arched sides and an arched cover are the guarantee for the high stability of the elegantly proportioned top. The fin housing is drag-optimised. Adequate ventilation is provided by a ventilation slit, between the top and the bottom to prevent condensation. The large front door hinges upward and is held open by gas springs. A protective side moulding guards against scratching. The top can be raised and lowered easily by means of telescope arms inside the trailer. Two versions are available: a one-piece fibreglass sandwich top with an aluminium frame, or a Monocoque of powder-coated, painted aluminium sheet, which is riveted and bonded, watertight.


ALL Cobra trailers are white to reflect the heat of the sun. You have a choice of red or blue as contrast colors for the fenders and the protective side mouldings. All exposed steel parts are galvanized. Because aluminium welds can easily fail, there are no aluminium welds in any part of the Cobra trailer. Inside the trailer you get a large box for the accessories and a spare wheel. The ramp can be used as a vehicle jack. Because of its low profile, the Cobra trailer has low drag and is insensitive to crosswinds. The low center of gravity assures good road holding under all weather conditions.

Loading aids

Tried and tested, your sailplane is loaded in the Cobra with wing dollies and a fuselage dolly that will roll on a light and solid aluminium ramp, running on guide rails, with the help of two scissor jacks. The guides in the sidewalls assure that the wing dollies cannot tip over. They run safely on four rubber tires with a diameter of 100mm. The fibreglass fuselage dolly consists of movable cradle of 140 mm, our wing supports are twin padded with an additional replaceable layer of white sheep's wool felt. The sturdy fuselage nose dock of fibreglass is padded with 20 mm (about .8 in) of felt. Fuselage and wings are held in place by stops in the front of the trailer, and are locked by closing the top. The horizontal stabilizer is easily accessible in a lockable fixture in the top of the trailer. During loading, the wings are protected by carpeted pockets covering the sides.

Trailer Options

Trailer - Fiberglass top - Aluminum floor
Trailer - Fiberglass top - Plastic floor
Trailer - Aluminum top - Plastic floor
Trailer - Aluminum top - Aluminum floor

L-Package -shk abs / wing supt / cntr rail
SL-Package - + 2 pc Cntr rail / hyd. Hoist
wingtip extension fixtures (LS-8 / 9)
winglet fixtures
tailwheel rail, one piece tip-up
tail wheel rail extension
hydraulic lift ramp ( up to 340kg )
hydraulic lift ramp ( up to 650kg )
Ramp with screw jacks
Ramp with scissor jacks
fuselage strap
interior lights
competition numbers(ea)
battery solar charger
solar vent
under trailer drawer
insulation (15m trailer)
Tow bar (foldable)
wing dolly
wing support
tie-down set
protective under coating ( 15m)
swing down vertical supports - pair
jack / wrench
shock absorbers
ALKO Safety cluch
lights etc, DOT for USA (std. trailer)
increase GVW 1000 kg
lock for coupling