We stock a variety of items required for the sailplane owner: batteries, tires, tubes, wingtip skids, tail skids, instrument tubing, mylar, tapes, wheels, instrument panel blanks, capacity bottles, battery boxes, connectors, if you need it we might have it, call us and we'll try and help you out.
Variety of batteries: Customize to fit your needs.
Filser Battery box: comes with mounting tray, test meter, inline fuse and connectors
LS instrument panel blanks:
Changing your instruments?
Buying some new instruments?
Why not start with a new panel and a fresh look.
Capacity bottles
Assorted tires

Assorted inner tubes.
Poly-wingtips skids: aerodynamic
and easy to install

Tailskids: with or without wheels
TOST hubs Assemblies
LS gas struts
L'Hottellier fittins for your LS
Mecaplex Canopies
Replacement side windows
Keep your canopy and glider looking new.
LP AeroPlastic canopy cleaner.
WX Block: cleaner and UV protector.
Replacement SZD parts still in inventory:
Call for details.