Gliding has been in our blood since 1959 when instruction rides were "earned" by working for days at the old glider field (in Holland).Since that time and thousands of flying hours later I have learned a thing or two about gliders and airplanes in general. Flying is a beautiful sport as long as you have respect for it and realize it can be dangerous if you or the equipment is not fit for the task at hand.

I personally enjoy the challenge and thrill of competition flying or racing as it is also referred to. Having flown many competitions nationally and internationally I have met many wonderful people from all over the world and thoroughly enjoy the friendships my wife Annemarie and I have developed with people from all walks of life and many different places on this planet.

For many years our company "Solaire Canada" has represented many fine soaring related products and we represented Rolladen Schneider and their fabulous LS sailplanes for a number of years.
Unfortunately the LS factory went into receivership in 2003. DG has taken over production of the LS8 and LS10 gliders.
As of spring 2011 we no longer represent this company.
We sell instruments, trailers and other fine products.
For more products and information please look around on this site.
My son Ed Jr. who is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, specializing in composite repairs and inspections operated a company called AFH Aviation for a number of years from a new 64X40 shop featuring state of the art floor heating and a large 40X14 bi fold door at the runway ( East) side,
He returned to work with Diamond Aircraft at London airport.
At the end of last year (2017) he was appointed Director of Maintenance and very involved in all aspects of the company.
Although he is extremely busy, he is still able to do annual inspections on local gliders.

We have a smooth 2000 X 100 Ft. grass runway (not licenced-use at your own risk).
The runway orientation is E/W with the orange windsock located halfway and to the North of the strip. We are located just outside the London zone (CYXU) and the co-ordinates are: 43 04.517/ 81 03.150 (decimal-not seconds)
Although not required, London Tower appreciates you contact them if you fly into our strip. ATC knows us as "Hollow Hills"



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Ed Hollestelle Sr.

Phone: 226-271-5322

Solaire Canada

5356 Cobble Hills Rd.
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