We are the Canadian dealer for the new PowerFlarm. Flarm has been successfully used by glider pilots as a traffic awareness and collision avoidance system in many countries all over the world for many years. More recently the Swiss company developed the new PowerFlarm system broadened by using the ADSB technology.
It now adds a warning for transponder and ADSB equipped traffic.
Many clubs in Canada are adding this system to their gliders and private owners and competition pilots are adding this device to their equipment.
It comes as a complete independent portable device or a remote unit (core) called the "brick" that can be installed anywhere, with a remote display available(optional) as a rectangular or an optional 57mm, instrument mounted display. For more information, pricing and discounts go to:

Prices start at $ 1599.- Discounts are avavailable for group or club (multi-unit) orders.


We can now also offer the LXNAV FlarmView with the Core.


Rectangular displays for the "brick" or now called the "core"unit.


Power Flarm Core